Bittorrent (Torrents)- The Future of P2P Sharing

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BitTorrent.  According to some it is soon to become the most commonly used P2P system in the world.  Loved by its many users and hated by the copywright industry, BitTorrent is a revoloutionary P2P file sharing system that Allows amazing download speeds, sometimes going up to 1.5 mb/s!

It all started when a Python programmer decided to create a new filesharing system and spread it around the world. What was this revoloutionary idea? To put it simply, breaking down large files into individual pieces. Now you may be asking yourself: Braking the files! What good will that do? To answer that I will explain to you how the system works

BitTorrent works when someone creates a special file called a torrent file which, as mentioned before, breaks down the file into pieces. The torrent is then uploaded online and downloaded by people wanting the file or files that the torrent contains. Then using special software (Such as the original BitTorrent client) the uploader (lets just call him “Bob) begins to upload (or “seed”) the pieces of his file through the BitTorrent network.

For example, Lets say that Joe wants to download Bob’s file. Joe downloads and opens the torrent file and downloads (“leeches”)pieces 4 and 5 from Bob. Sally on the other hand does the same and downloads part 2 and 7. They in turn each begin to seed those files to other downloaders even as they leech the rest of the pieces. Thus the more people are downloading a file the faster the download goes as people accumulate pieces and share them amongst each other. Through this mechanism, BitTorrent is rappidly growing to become one of the fastest and most poplular P2P engines. To learn more about BitTorrent click here (article soon to come

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