Make money from home selling old clothing on Ebay!

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Making money from home by selling your old clothes is simple. First take out all the clothes from your drawers and closet that you haven’t worn in 6 months. If you’re saving certain items for when you lose weight, don’t. If you make the huge accomplishment of losing weight don’t you think you deserve a couple new things? Part with the old. Go through each item and make sure there aren’t any holes or stains. If the item you are selling does have stains or holes, but was originally a very expensive item then it might still be worth it to list it on ebay as long as you accurately describe the problems and document them with pictures. Some people won’t mind a couple imperfections to save such a humongous about of money. But, selling $20 jeans with stains all over them isn’t going to be worth it at all.

List the items as auction style. This way you wait a week an get the highest possible price. Listing items as “buy it now” will charge you more fees and you might underestimate the item’s value and shortchange yourself.

When you are finished putting the items you’d like to put on ebay, then the pile of items you deemed too poor quality to sell should IMMEDIATELY be put in a bag to donate to the salvation army. You were going to get rid of them on ebay…so there is no reason to put them back in your closet. If you can follow these steps you will be not only cleaning your bedroom and making it a more restful atmosphere … but you will be making money from home in the process!


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