Determining Compatibility

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Find out if a man or woman is compatible with you by first determining their manners. If you have any yourself, you will find dating with a person who does not challenging and discomforting. Date someone of similar etiquette. This etiquette is how they act with strangers, family, friends and those of any type of authority, such as a teacher, the elderly or a parent; which would include your parents as well.

Dating needs to include believe systems. Your spiritual happiness with a man or woman will depend on if they have similar values in place. Ask yourself if they are atheist or a believer in a higher power then self and life. The art of compromise is an understatement when it comes to finding Mr. or Ms. Right.  Relationships entail compromising and you will be better able to work on that aspect of a relationship; both physical and emotional just from having a strong believe system that you both share about the importance of family, love and loving. One reason why spirituality helps bring couples together deeper is also because of a respect that seems to heighten. There is almost an instant understand too of the need of two people when they are together to still have their independence.

Don’t neglect to see if a man or woman you are interested in getting to know likes pets.  If you have a pet, dog, cat, bird or exotic animal, they are probably very much like a child or family member to you, so just like the need to know if a man, child or children get along with each other, contemplate whether your pet and mate get along too.  Pets can have good insight and or become jealous almost as well as a human. You may not want to trust totally your pet’s reaction to a date or prospective mate, but you sure need to trust your impression of how well your date gets along and or likes your pet or pets immediately.

Long term commitments need two people who are emotionally available to the idea of being responsible and for another person that will be the closest to them. It doesn’t make sense to get your emotions involved deeply with someone who has different goals than yourself when it comes to building a relationship.  Step up your requirements for someone that has the potential to become a husband or wife and you will gain the ability to choose someone that is more compatible.


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