Simple Tips to Save Money – Easy!

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In this economy everyone is trying to save money. If someone told you,” You could be saving money right now with very little effort!”  what would you do? Believe it or not, most people say, “no thanks!” Unbelievable, I know, but true. Break the cycle! Just say, “YES!” Say yes to just one suggestion and save yourself money and help our world.

The first suggestion is very simple! just reduce your use of paper towels. Use reuseable wash cloths or dish towels. You might even want to begin using cloth napkins.  You could save $5-$10 per month

2616632473a8debbdd04s_Thumb.jpg Step two… switch the lights off! Turn off electrical appliances such as TV’s, computers, lights and you could save an average of $20 to $30 a month!!I told you this was easy.

s5318138546702499859_Thumb.jpg Turn your car off instead of idling when waiting for the kids at school. When a car idles for more than 30 seconds, it’s actually using more gas than if you turned it off and restarted it.. So,save precious fuel and cut back on greenhouse gas pollution!

Another easy tip is to wrap your water heater. If your water heater is not ready to be replaced by a 5* rated one – then wrap it. Spend $15 – $25 and you will save more than that in heat loss!

These next ideas will need a little will power. In the winter, lower the thermostat 5 degrees lower than you use to. Every degree you lower your thermostat you save about 3% on your heating bill. You can buy a new sweater with the savings! Now conversely, raise your thermostat in the summer. Every degree below 78 will increase your energy use by 3-4%.

Take advantage of fans. Fans can make the temperature in a room seem 10 degrees cooler. Also, ceiling fans are cheaper than you might expect: they start out around $25 at your local home improvement store. Most people ( even my sweet husband…)are able to install them. Surprisingly, ceiling fans use very little energy. A typical 36″ / 48″ / 52″ ceiling fan uses only about 55 / 75 / 90 watts of electricity respectively at the top speed and using them at the top speed will give you the cooling relief you want.

These are just a few easy to do steps that will save you money. Just say YES and choose one today.


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