Marley and Me

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Starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, this movie is a must see for all movie goers. Marley and Me is a very simple movie that shows how a puppy has such an effect on a family. It’s a true depiction of what it’s like for most people when they get a puppy early in their relationship and how it becomes a member of the family. But it’s not just about the dog; it’s just as much about a wife, Jennifer, a husband, John, and their growing family. The movie starts with the wedding of John and Jennifer and follows through the peak of his journalism career. Jennifer wants to have a family. John’s friend talks him in to getting a puppy so they soon adopt Marley as a way to prepare them for children. He’s a loveable, funny dog who gets in way too much trouble. Marley tears the house apart, makes wild escapes, and terrorizes other people beyond other things.

There are as well, tender, sincere moments of human/dog bonding. Throughout the years, the family learns important life lessons from Marley. Marley is always there to comfort Jennifer when her husband cannot, adjusts to the children as they grow older, and intrudes on private moments between the couple. There is much emotional tone to this movie and through all the events that take place, it all builds up to an ending that is very moving.


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