6 haunted houses in Virginia

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6. The Greenbrier Ghost

Usually ghosts are perceived as a harassing disturbing presence that makes the occupation of a place ever more difficult. It’s not like that in this case. This Ghost helped solve the murder that actually created the ghost. The Ghost, Elva Zona Heaster, was born in the early 1870s. She also went by the name Zona. She married Erasmus Stribbling Trout Shue. He moved to Greenbrier to start a life as a blacksmith. The two married each other quite quickly and so the marriage was opposed by her mother.

A day during the following year Erasmus sent a little African American boy to the house to ask Elva is she needed anything from the store. When the boy arrived to the home, he saw her lifeless body and ran and told his mother. Before the coroner and the local doctor could arrive, the husband moved the body upstairs and dressed her in a dress that had a very high and stiff collar tied with a large bow and a veil covering her face. While the body was being examined, he sat there and cradled his wife’s head and upper body and sobbed.

Her mother believed her daughter faced a foul end due to the sheet she was wrapped in turned pink when being washed. Her mother, Heaster, prayed that Elva would return from the grave in order to tell the truth of what happened to her so that she can have eternal rest. She did cross over and haunted her mother’s dreams for four nights as she explained the abuse from her husband and how. She showed her mom how when not having dinner ready Erasmus broke her neck.

5. The Cavalier Hotel

Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia this elegant hotel overlooks the North Beach. Paranormal activity that has been witnessed within the hotel include things like the elevators run when no one is riding in them, toilets flush on their own, and guests made reports of their towels changing colors from time to time. Even the piano in the ballroom pays by itself. But these are quite little compared to tragedies that began a couple years after the hotel opened.

This hotel is quite similar to the Overlook hotel in the movie “The Shining.” There is also a feeling that something is lurking about which greatly aids to this anomaly. There is a waiter who walks through the walls of the Pocahontas room. A lady and a ghostly dog cross the lobby floor. As well as spirits of those who brood over the misfortunes of their lost life.

On the 6th floor of the hotel, brewery owner Adolph Coors relives his tragic plunge to death. He was pushed through a closed window or as others believe it was suicide because of the Prohibition. People to this day often hear the sound of flesh hitting concrete near the window in which he fell through.

Guests often report a cat meowing and scratching at doors. It’s been decades since any cat has roamed the halls. The rumor or story behind this is that a cat escaped from a hotel room one night and drowned in the pool. The little girl who owned the cat drowned as well when she tried to save him. On occasion strange sounds are heard in the swimming pool where this took place many years ago.

4. Aquia Church

Located in Stafford County, Virginia this church holds a known apparition. There is a legend of a murder of a woman many years ago in the church’s belfry and it’s said that she is often seen peering through the window. It is said that the blood reappears on the stairs where she died. It’s said that she was trying to become a business owner and as a result she was raped and hung.

3. Main Street

Located in Salem, Virginia, A mom was in a rush to buy Christmas presents and left her son behind. After realizing this and figured her son will be in tears for being left alone, she hurried back home to find him in the kitchen drinking a glass of chocolate milk. She asked him how he got it, so he told her about the nice old lady who helped him and said that his mother would be home soon. He said that he could see through her and she looked exactly like a woman in a picture that was lying in the attic. She once lived in the house during the 1920’s. Now her spirit takes care of those who live there.

2. Confederate Graveyard

This graveyard is located in Lebanon, Virginia. It’s also called a lost cemetery because of all the overgrowth of plants and trees that leaves the graveyard not so visible anymore. This 200 plus year old graveyard near north street comes alive at night. There are about a dozen graves of confederate soldiers. If you visit this place at night you’ll see reddish lamps moving around, emanating from fog-like forms that are translucent and glow in moonlight. If you try to escape after being confronted by a floating blaze, the flame will follow, and scream in a very shrilling voice.

1. Tabb Residence Hall

Located in Farmville, Virginia this residence hall is said to be haunted. There is a faint handprint on the door in blood of the man who was murdered in the attic. It is said that he still walks around the room.

In another hall on campus, Frasier Hall, there is another ghost story. There was a little boy riding his tricycle around on the top floor with his father. The elevators were not in yet, but the boy did not know and he rode his bike in the shaft and fell 30 feet. To this day, you may experience the elevator drop really fast and hear a kid scream.


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