Without Barbecue is There Really a Summer?

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About 6 years ago, while driving down to Florida I stopped in North Carolina to eat, it was a rib joint.  Little did I know that the lunch I had that day would change my outlook on summer, nay, change my outlook on life.  You see, it was on that fateful day that I discovered the joy of ribs, and it was on that day, that I would never again be able to let a summer weekend pass without making my own.

I spent two years perfecting my technique and purchasing the proper equipment, reading forums and learning from the pros.  After two years I was finally able to make a rack of ribs that I could be proud of.

My neighbors beg me to barbecue, and you know what, I always give in, because barbecue is my life now.  My latest creation is a raspberry glaze that I use on my pork ribs, it’s absolutely fantastic, a bit sweet, a bit spice, and very much summer.

When we have friends over I make ribs and pulled pork, another great barbecue staple.  My friends rejoice and we all eat like pigs.  The kids however, eat their franks and burgers, little fools.  It’s ok, it leaves more for us.

My question to all of you is this.  Once you’ve had real barbecue, is it really possible to let the summer go by without having it again?  Is it really summer without having a barbecue complete with ribs, pulled pork and even brisket?

Barbecue is my life, barbecue is what I do.  If I could make a living doing barbecue I would in a heartbeat, unfortunately most New Yorkers have no idea what good barbecue is.

Summer is fast approaching and my mouth is beginning to water just thinking about my first barbecue in a couple of weeks.  What will you do the first nice weekend?

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