He’s Interested

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After a few dates you begin to hope for something more with this particular fellow. You find yourself falling head over heels and have that butterfly feeling in your stomach as you think about him or even when you’re with him. It feels right, but you’re not sure if he feels completely the same way yet. Yeah he seems to enjoy spending time with you and giving off signals that he’s interested, but wouldn’t you like to be reassured by the signs you receive? Below are positive signs that he’s definitely interested in you.

A definite sign that he likes you is that he’ll lean towards. He’ll do this either very subtle or extremely “in your face.” If you do the same, then he knows it’s alright to move closer and forward in pursuing a possible relationship.

If the man in question is interested in you, he’ll want to keep you in his gaze. If you find him not being able to keep his eyes off you, then you definitely have a keeper.

If he touches you, appropriately of course, is definitely a good sign that he likes you. Every chance he gets he’ll want to touch your arm, leg, knee…  It’s his way to let you know that he’s interested.

If the man is not talking about himself you have his attention. He’s definitely attracted to you and would rather learn about you and listen to what you have to say.

The man will also encourage you to go after your dreams and support you every way he can. He does this because he cares and wants the best for you. This is the type of man you should have. Someone who cares and is supportive and enjoys being with you, etc. If he at all puts you down by telling you to change your life, that you’re dreams are silly, calls you names, etc he is not worth your time…

 As he makes his advances and shows that he’s interested in you, you need to meet his advances with your own so then he knows that you are interested as well. If not, then he’ll back off and not think you’re interested. But if you’re not interested in him then definitely don’t give signs that you like him…. Have fun dating and remember there are a lot of fish in the sea and take your time with finding the right man for you. Remember you deserve the best and find someone who makes you happy and that you don’t want to spend a day without.


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