Passengers – They’re All Dead

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An acquaintance had told me about a movie she recently watched — ‘Passengers’. And that made me curious about it. Luckily, my cousin had a copy and lend me the DVD.

The movie started with a plane crash, and only had 5 survivors. One of the survivors was Eric, the man in the picture. Claire Summers, which was portrayed by Anne Hathaway, was assigned to conduct a group session with the survivors to help them recover from any trauma they’ve been dealing with. Oooops, I won’t tell the story here, better watch the movie. It’s a good watch anyway. I might be a spoiler. Just continue reading if you have watched the movie already.

Okay, now that you’ve watched the movie, you know that they’re all dead. The movie made me cry. I was struck on how Claire kept on mentioning ‘Emma’, ‘Emma’, ‘I Love You Emma’. I don’t know. But maybe, it just made me realize, that, no matter how you hide it, you can’t still fool yourself that you really love your family. That they are the ones that would come up in your mind whenever you’re in the middle of life and death. Maybe, it was because I do love my family. And that I value close family ties.

Another thing that struck me about the movie is the pilot. He felt guilty of the incident. The way he said ‘It was me’ is enough to make me cry. Well, I guess, I was just sooooooooo emotional.

Hmmm, the movie showed that when we die, we don’t realize it right away. And that someone from the dead will be back to help us realize it. Now, I don’t know if it’s true. It can be. But I’m not sure. And I bet no one can ever assure that, ha ha. When I die, I can’t write a testimony about it, hee hee. But, just in case it was true, I wonder who would be back to made me realize that I’m already gone. Would it be my father? I bet no, I would realize it immediately. Probably it would be my brother, Christopher. I haven’t seen him. He died before I was born. But, I can still remember how I dreamt of him. Yes, I did. I dreamt that he grew up and was playing with us. How about you? Who would be coming back for you? Creeeeeepy huh? *wink wink*


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