How to catalog a MIDI or MP3 collection

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If you’re like many people, you’ve got hudreds, maybe thousands, of MP3 or MIDI files. Keeping these files organized in a catalog can be a challenge. If you’ve burned some of your MP3 or MIDI files to CD or DVD, it can be especially difficult to find a specific song or file. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can go about cataloging your MP3 or MIDI collection.

The first way, of course, to catalog your MP3 or MIDI collection would be manually. You could use a card file system, a notebook, or some other way of organizing. This would take a lot of work, and would be extremely time-consuming. Fortunately, there are more automated and technologically advanced ways to catalog your MP3 or MIDI collection.

One more efficient and easy way to catalog your MP3 or MIDI files is through the use of a music catalog program. There are a number of these sorts of programs available, including programs like Advanced CD, CD Storage Master, Orange CD, and DataMPX. As you can imagine, many of these programs were originally released years ago, before the MP3 age, as tools to catalog a CD collection. These programs have been updated and modernized for use with computer audio files like MP3 or MIDI.

Some of the software you can use to catalog your MP3 or MIDI collection is especially useful in that it is automated. These programs will search your hard drive for MP3 or MIDI files and automatically add them to your catalog. In some cases, the program may even be able to recognize when you insert a CD or DVD that has MP3 or MIDI files on it. The software may prompt you as to whether or not you want to add the files to your catalog, and as you how you’d like to identify the media, whether via a CD label or some other means.

There are also web sites that will allow you to enter information about you MP3 or MIDI collection and store the data on their servers. The same is true for some of the programs that might come with your MP3 player, such as iTunes, although the cataloging features are not as advanced as they are with software specifically designed to catalog.


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