Rebuilding the Republican Party

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1. Embrace the concept of a small government. Remember when Reagan said the problem is not with the government, the problem is the government? Remember that Republicans? That is what resonated with the productive people in this country. They were taxed too much and there was too much government in the way of their success.  In the past 25 years this has only become more the case.

2. Embrace your libertarian roots. Dr. Ron Paul, the congressman from Texas was shunned by the mainstream GOP in the last election. And why? Because he actually believed in small government.  Because Dr. Paul was against the war in Iraq he was pushed to the margins. This, when he was the only Republican running in the Republican Party for President. In my opinion, this was a crying shame.

3. Accept that Bush was a failure. Just because Bush was nominally a Republican does not make him a Republican. He expanded the federal government more than any president since FDR. This is unforgivable, and the GOP has lost the fiscal high road because this son of privilege didn’t understand basic conservative economics. He had never built a company. He had only run a profitable one into the ground before becoming president. Then he ran the GOP and the country into the ground.

4. Run people like Sean Hannity out on a rail. The guy is just not that bright, let’s face it.

5. Accept that militarism is not a good thing. I am a child of a military family. I am an avowed Navy Football fan. But the military costs a lot of money and its purpose is to kill people. Many in the current bastard version of the GOP that survives use the military as their tool for sending federal dollars to their friends. Remember, the military is a federal program just like the Department of Education. It takes money from your pocket to pay the military contactors that surround Washington $200,000 a year. And there are lots of government contractors. Remember that it is your money. Much of the military is a boondoggle. I say this and I have a deep love for our military.

6. Hold the line fiscally. Repent. Accept that the Bush years were like a drunken weekend in Vegas. Now is the time to grow up and act like adults. I know the generation in power currently doesn’t like adulthood, but you’ve had a free ride long enough. Some of us younger folks don’t want to see our country flushed down the toilet.


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