How to write articles of sustaining value at Helium

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There are many reasons that people write articles at Helium. Some write with the intention of winning contests or selling their articles in the marketplace. Some write with the hopes of making recursive income on their articles over time. Still others write articles at Helium to improve their writing skills.

Regardless of the reason that you write articles at Helium, you will be better off if you write articles of sustaining value. Articles of sustaining value are articles that are well written, contribute to the larger conversation about the topic, and have a timeless idea as their focus. This isn’t to say that articles on a timely idea aren’t valuable, of course, just that they aren’t of “sustaining” value.

There are several things that you can do to write articles of sustaining value at Helium:

* Learn to write well. The fact of the matter is that good writing is important at Helium. Good writing, which includes things like grammar, spelling, structure and formatting, will get your articles rated much higher, get your article more views, and add sustaining value to your articles at Helium.

* Choose topics that people are interested in. There are some topics that just don’t have many readers. Writing on these topics is fine, but these articles won’t have sustaining value at Helium.

* Learn how people rate articles at Helium, and write with that knowledge in mind. While there are several articles on the topic of how users rate articles at Helium, probably the best place to go for this sort of information is the Community forums. Here, folks describe their rating process in detail, giving you a window into how they look at rating your articles.

* Consider a writer mentoring program. There are a number of writing mentors and coaches that can help you improve your writing in general, and even some who will help you to write articles of sustaining value at Helium. While just having a mentor doesn’t automatically increase the value of your articles, it does give you a way to improve your writing skills and get you closer to producing that value.


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