How to be succeed beyond you wildest aspirations,

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I must admit that this is an experiment. There is actually no way to do what I propose. You can come close through hard work, and/or really good looks. But for most folks this just won’t happen.

This is not meant to be depressing. Quite the contrary. Once one realizes that this is what one is sold on a daily basis, one increases one’s level of freedom. Cigarettes and beer are sold so that you think you will get laid. Mutual funds are sold by telling you that you are smart for buying them. Minivans will make your motherhood easier. Sports sedans help you feel that you are not as middle aged as you know you have become.

Just an aside: Corvettes are pathetic.

Sales is a wonderful thing. I made my living in it for a good long time. Just know that sales is built on telling people what they want to believe. I tried very hard to sell only what I thought was in the best interest of my clients, but I’m not in sales any more. So what does that tell ya?

But for God’s sake understand your own emotions. It’ll save you money. Not that you will listen.


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