How to tell if you are addicted to blogging

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It is a bit controversial to suggest that a person can become addicted to blogging in the truest sense. Addiction, in the most specific meaning of the term, refers to a condition in which the addict has a physical and psychological attachment to something. Still, if it is possible to have only a psychological addiction, then it certainly could be possible for a person to be addicted to blogging.

Here, then, are some signs that can indicate that you might be addicted to blogging:

* Blogging interferes with your work. If you skip work to stay home and blog, for example, or if you blog while you are at work instead of working, it can be an indication that you are addicted to blogging.

* Blogging interferes with your personal relationships. Another sign that you are addicted to blogging can be if you skip out on social events to blog. For example, if you would rather stay home and blog than go out on a date with that guy or girl you’ve been admiring for years, you are probably addicted to blogging.

* You think about blogging, no matter what else it is you are supposed to be doing. Do you think about blogging while driving, cooking, playing golf or sleeping? If you constantly have thoughts about blogging, it can be a sign that you are addicted to blogging. Be careful here, though; if there are not other signs, this alone may not mean that you are addicted to blogging.

* You spend money you don’t have on blogging. While blogging in itself doesn’t generally cost much money (many blogging services are free, as a matter of fact) if you spend beyond your means on things like advertising for your blog, or paying someone to do design or development for your blog, it can indicate an addiction.

Ultimately, the point at which you find your life impacted in a negative way is the best indicator that you are addicted to blogging, or anything else. If you believe that you are addicted to blogging, you should speak with a healthcare provider or mental health professional. They can help you develop a treatment or recovery plan to break the blogging addiction.


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