Make Money With Alternative Energies

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1. Open a brokerage account.

 Open one at a discount broker such as Scottrade or Ameritrade. One can do this online. Commissions on trades at such discount brokers are under ten bucks on average. This is much less expensive than what you will pay at a full service broker.

2. Buy GEX.

GEX is an alternative energy ETF, or Exchange Traded Fund. It is a collection of stocks like a mutual fund, but it is traded throughout the day like a stock. This allows one to short GEX if one should so want.

3. GEX is made up of great companies.

GEX is made up of many of the most profitable companies in the alternative energy sector. It seeks to follow the Ardour Global Index, an index of companies engaged in nontraditional energy. At least 30% of the ETFs holdings are non-domestic.

4. GEX is inexpensive

The expense ratio for GEX is .65%, or 65 basis points in broker speak. That is, your annual cost for owning the fund is .65%.  This is about half the cost of a similarly invested mutual fund. Not to mention most mutual funds that invest in alternative energy have hefty “loads” or commissions, sometimes as much as 5.5%

5. GEX makes sense.

GEX is an easy way to play what very likely could be a long term bull market in alternative energies over the next decade.


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