Fight Big Government

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Speak out.

If you feel that government is overstepping its bounds, or long since overstepped it bounds, don’t be quiet. Silence is construed as acquiescence by those who seek to expand the state.  Don’t just give up your freedoms without a fight. Write op-eds. Write your congressperson. Start a blog. Make a documentary. Just don’t roll over. The people who despise individualism count on your silence.

Overcome the bunker mentality

There is a tendency by those who want simply to be left alone to essentially hide from the broader world. Don’t get me wrong there are many times when this idea seems quite appealing. But if those who believe in individual freedom check out the statists get to make the rules. This will only end in disaster.

Become involved

Find people who value what you value, this is much easier with the internet than in times past, and join with them and form some kind of group. There is strength in standing together for our individual sovereignty.

Become as autonomous as possible

Learn how to raise food on your property whether that be chickens or broccoli. Plant something. It’s very empowering.

Learn how to preserve your wealth

Hard assets such as gold and silver are anathema to big government. Central banks that print currency out of thin air hate gold and silver. What more do you need. Go get some.


Seems obvious, but many freedom lovers just boycott elections. Don’t do that. Seek out candidates that think like you do. If they don’t exist, write someone in as a protest. Just don’t cede the polls to the statists.

Be a good neighbor

Be a good member of society. Many people who advocate big government paint those who object to state sponsored theft (in the form of unreasonable taxes and regulations) as selfish and uncaring. Participate in your church. Participate in local government. Set a good example of what a free person looks like.

Think about voting for the Libertarian Party


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