A Terrible Sultan Killed His Wives!

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Long long time ago, there was a sultan called Quqian. He felt that his wife was unfaithful to him as she used to get along with many guys at one time. His wife even had some unusual sexual relationships with those guys. Quqian discovered that his wife had broken their promise that they made on the first day of their wedding ceremony. Thinking of his wife betraying his love and trust, Quqian was extremely angry and hence he decided to punish her wife to death. Ever since, Quqian hated females as he thought all the females were “copycats” of his wife. He even sacked off the female employees working in his palace.

Quqian said to himself that he would never trust on females anymore. To take revenge, he even married one wife every night. However, the next morning, his wife was decapitated. Each of his married wives would have to experience this unfortunate fate. When the rumors spread to the town and rural areas, all women became shocked and panicked. They were anxious that this fate might one day intrude into their lives. They could not do anything as the king’s command was a must to follow. They began experiencing sleep disorders, no appetite to neither eat nor drink. They sighed with a deep grief. Their lives were not even worth a penny. How sad! They were scared to wait for death to knock at their doors.

The worst things were the dead bodies of each killed females would be thrown away to rivers, seas or jungles as baits for carnivorous animals. All females had no right to survive. Their hope to stay with their beloved ones became bubbles in the air. Imagine how cruel was this fact, as female was not respected and regarded as a human!

A kind prime minister was commanded to bring in beautiful females to be presented to Quqian everyday. If the prime minister was unable to do so, he would be lashed out badly. The prime minister felt very sorry and sad when he witnessed Quqian sent his men to force those poor females to the palace. They were unwilling themselves to be presented to Quqian. But Quqian would order his men to catch hold the females’ arms with a piece of rope and when they were in the palace, Quqian would torture them badly.

The prime minister was unable to rescue those poor females out of the palace. He dared not to do so as he did not want to be punished heavily or fired in front of the crowd. When the prime minister learned that Quqian had selected his daughter as a wife, he could feel the pain in his heart. No matter how he advised his daughter to run away from the palace, his daughter resolved to present herself to Quqian. The prime minister could do nothing and he had to bring his daughter, Sanloshata as a wife for the sultan.

When Sanloshata was presented in front of Quqian, he immediately pulled off her face scarf to look closely at her new wife. Gazing at the beauty of Sanloshata, Quqian began falling in love with her. Sanloshata demanded Quqian to let her younger sister, Danashata to sleep with her in a room and Quqian quickly permitted her to do so.

The following morning, Danashata requested Sanloshata to tell a story. At that moment, Quqian was by her side too. The story was extremely long. Sanloshata had to stop during the daytime as Quqian had to attend with higher leaders in the palace. As Quqian was intended to know the whole story, he permitted Sanloshata to live for one more day. The story became attractive and interesting day by day. As

Quqian was curious to know about the ending, he permitted Sanloshata to live for some more days.

Without knowing the time passed, Sanloshata had told a one thousand-one-night story. The story content was mostly made Quqian feeling very touching. Undoubtedly, the story told by Sanloshata had softened Quqian‘s heart. He abolished all his previous prejudices towards the females. Quqian even loved Sanloshata very much. He made Sanloshata as a queen! All females were grateful to Sanloshata as she had saved their lives from being slaved, killed, tortured and punished.

Hooray! Females stand for their right again! Today, females had conquered areas that previously monopolized by males. Hooray again, females had released from a “jail” and “discrimination!”


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