Miracle Hands

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Once upon a time, there lived a poor farmer. One day, an ugly old woman knocked at his door. She asked him for some food. He never looked down upon this old woman although she was wearing ragged clothes. He invited her to his house and offered his share of food. He never bothered that he would go hungry as he had food just enough for himself.

The old woman was extremely happy for he was being kind to her. She kissed his hand with gratitude. But then, a miraculous thing occurred. The old woman disappeared in a sudden and the farmer’s hands were glistening like gold.

Since that day, the farmer’s life changed. He lived in a big bungalow and even owned some properties. With his miracle hands, he only had to place his hands on a person’s head to cure strange diseases immediately. Within a short period, his fame as a healer spread far and wide. He became well-known as a healer and gained a lot of money.

When he became richer and richer, he became selfish and proud. He thought that he was wasting his time curing the poor; henceforth, he would only cure those who could pay well. Many poor people were treated badly and chased out from entering his big house. They were sent home without being cured while the rich people were treated in a good manner.

One hot afternoon, a ragged old woman appeared in front of his house. The farmer grazed at her fiercely and said, “I don’t treat those who can’t afford to pay me.” She then showed him a bundle of money and was allowed into the house.

Just before the farmer laid his hands on her head, the ragged woman transformed herself into the same old woman who had earlier bestowed him with miracle hands. He was shocked and regretted to treat her badly.

To teach him a lesson, the old woman said, “I gave you a power and you have abused it. So, I’m decided to take it away.”

Within a few seconds, the old woman disappeared and the farmer’s healing power was lost forever. He then had to live as a poor farmer as usual.


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