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From couch potato to super veggie, your TV is the key to staying healthy and fit on a budget.  The television is among the greatest inventions for the fitness budget of the modern age.  The Internet, cable and satellite add to the value of the television allowing you to watch what you want when you want. Modern Americans who want to exercise with a professional trainer and a wide variety of fitness options just need to turn on the television.


Fitness channels like Exercise TV and FitTV have taken the fitness DVD and downloadable workouts to a new level.  Working out at home is a popular choice because it requires no fitness memberships, no worries about how you look no childcare and no expensive fees or gas mileage to rack up.  You want to work out at 4 a.m., just turn on Fit TV.  Like the program at 4 a.m., but won’t get to it until 10 a.m. either watch a repeat during the day if it airs or record it.

 On demand programming means you get the workout you want, when you want it.  You can do aerobics, balance ball workouts, weight train, spin class and more from the convenience of your own home.  Yes, you do need your own equipment for those options, but you can still get a great workout with a couple of heavy cans from the pantry substituting as free weights. 

Yoga, Pilates and more require no exercise equipment. Standard aerobics can be performed in a clear space and you can do sit-ups, push-ups and squats without weights. A circuit workout can be completed in your living room in 20 to 30 minutes per day. You get fit, your heart gets healthy and you burn calories without burning cash.  It’s a win-win situation.

Exercise television provides inspiration, support and guidance when you need it.  The workouts may not always be something you are interested in performing, but they can provide you with ideas on how to tackle trouble spots (hips, belly and thighs) or how to ramp up your cardio (jogging in place, jumping jacks).  Exercise TV provides you with the knowledge; you have to bring the commitment.

Working out at home isn’t for everyone and it does require a certain amount of self-discipline.  The most important rule to remember when developing your plan to be fit and healthy on a budget is to be committed. You have to be willing to do your workouts, to meet your schedule and to not procrastinate.

Fitness doesn’t have to be expensive. The biggest investment you have to make is your time and your energy.  You’ll more than reap the rewards.  So the question isn’t how do you get fit and healthy on a budget, but why haven’t you chosen the fit and healthy option for your body and your wallet?


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