How to Protect Earth

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Each person in the U.S. generates approximately 2.3 tons of C02 each year. A healthy tree absorbs(stores) about 13 pounds of carbon annually
or 2.6 tons per acre each year. An acre of tree’s absorbs enough c02 over one year to equal the amount produced by driving a car 26,000 miles.
An estimated of carbon emitted per vehicle mile is between 0.88lb.C02/mi.
Thus, a car driven 26,000 miles will emit between 22,880lbs of C02 and 27,647lbs C02.Thus one acre of tree cover in brooklyn can compensate for automobile fuel use equivalent to driving a car between 7,200 and 8,700 miles. That one tree over 100 year period will absorb 1100kg of C02 from the Atmosphere.

Remeber also late at night to unplug your computers,video game systems,tv’s,clocks,radio’s,and any other electronic device. If you have a power bar you can just hit the off switch because people think when they turn something off it’s not sucking up electricity.Well that isn’t the case,It will make your light bill cheaper, not only that, you will do your part in saving mother earth from wasting vast amounts of electricity.

Another thing is to use Efficient lightbulbs. That will cut down on the amount of carbon you set off in the atmosphere. One single watt bulb can put out as much as 1 billion watts of carbon that’s the equivalent of approx. 100,000 cars on the road, one single watt bulb.
There are many ways to repower earth. Other countries are already doing this. But America is slowly progressing. The quicker we can stop relying
on dirty coal and foreign oil’s,the better off we and mother earth will be. So remember please recycle and don’t litter. just think of this
I am the ocean, I provide you with fresh fish
I am loved by romantic couples everywhere.
Don’t pollute me.
Hey it’s the sky here, Over the years, I’ve provided you with fresh air to breathe, a nice scene of birds to look at, and good clean weather,
don’t pollute me.
Hey it’s the forest
It’s the earth,don’t pollute me.


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