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There are two different online resources where you can go to learn more about possible entitlements for which you may qualify. The first resources can be found at: This is a great resource for finding a number of entitlements for which you may qualify. In addition to the various entitlements, the website also lists the qualifications for those entitlements so you can see right away whether you qualify or not. There is also specific information about each program that will give you an idea of whether that program is suited to your specific need. Another good source can be found at:
On this website, you can perform a search. It allows you to answer questions about your situation and then receive results based on the answers you provide. You can also perform a search for programs without answering any questions at all. If for some reason you do not have online access or you prefer to talk to someone in person, you can also visit your local Department of health and Human Resources. No matter what county you live in, there is usually a HHS office available. Keep in mind that entitlements are not appropriate for every situation, but it certainly does not hurt to do some preliminary research and determine whether an entitlement program may possibly fit your needs. If these programs do not fit your needs, there are other options. Let’s explore them!

Chapter 2
If you have reviewed the different options and have determined that a grant is the best option to meet your needs, the next step is to determine what kind of grant is best for you. Ask yourself the following question: What kinds of services can I provide in order to receive a grant? This is naturally a difficult question and it is not at all surprising if you do not have a ready answer right away. We are going to cover the information you need to help you find out exactly which types of grants may be available to you. First, let’s look at the most common areas which grants cover:
• Business Consulting-Business management advice is available on many different types of business from the Department of Economic Development
• Management Training-Many states make specialists available to specifically work with a new business through one-on-one training.
• Employee Training Assistance-This type of program makes free money available for businesses to train existing employees.
• Research and Development Grants-Money available in order to generate interest among technology companies.
• Venture Capital Financing-This type of grant makes money available to help start up a new business. Because it is a grant, the money does not
have to be paid back, but it does often require giving up part ownership in the business.
• Women and Minorities-Money from grants that are available for minorities and women who are interested in starting their own businesses.
The federal and state governments commonly cover these areas in addition to a few others. You may also be surprised to learn that federal grant money is available to individuals who perform a service for the public. That’s right, if you are able to teach the public, entertain the public or enrich the lives of others, then there very well could be a grant available that will actually pay you to perform those services. The first thought that many people have is that they need to be an exceptional performer or artist or scientist or whatever in order to receive a grant. This is not the case. You do not need to be exceptional at what you do, you just need to take the time to do your homework and determine what kinds of grants are being offered. This is actually the next step and it is the most important step. Doing your research first will help you to eliminate grants which you may not qualify for and will save you a tremendous amount of time and frustration. The best place to begin identifying.

The website is divided into sections, allowing you to click on the particular section that interests you the most. You will probably notice right away that there are a ton of different grant sources available. The key is to begin narrowing down the choices to grants which may fit your situation. Remember not to limit your search to just your state, it is also a good idea to search in bordering states as well. In addition, see the Resources section to locate additional information about economic development grants available on the state level. Once you have noted grant options that are of interest to you and fit your situation, it is time to move on to the next step. The biggest mistake that many people make is trying to apply for too many grants at one time. They make the assumption that if they send in multiple grant applications then there chances of having a grant application approved rise. This is not the case. The best strategy is to send in one application at a time and work on having that one application approved before you try to send in another. The reason for this is that it is not unusual for the same department to administer multiple grants. When you send in multiple applications, you are really not doing yourself any favors. It is far better to settle upon one idea and see it through, then turn your attention toward another grant. Once you have settled upon an idea for a grant, the next step in the process is to begin working on the grant application. While all applications vary somewhat you will find that all applications also have some similarities as well.We are going to go into more detail about how to complete the grant application in just a bit, but first it must be stressed that you should be quite familiar with the topic for the grant you have selected. Regardless of what you have chosen, if you are not already quite familiar with that topic then you need to invest some13time into researching it and becoming familiar with it. That is the first key to improving your chances of winning a grant. This should be done before you actually begin completing the application. The more knowledgeable and familiar you appear to be with the topic, the better your chances. We mentioned that all grant applications have a few things in common. One of those elements is that they typically require some type of sample or detailed explanation. This is where all of the research you have done into that particular subject will come in handy.


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