Are You Really There For Me?

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You think that you know what it is that you really want from life.  You have everything planned and a sense of direction.  You have your foot out the door and you realize that the things that were once so certain are not so certain anymore.  The things that you thought would last forever fall apart for reasons that you can’t begin to even understand. 

You’re life’s a crumble and when you realized that you had something so great it’s already slipped out of your hands.

Why can’t we just have everything planned for us the moment we are born, so we don’t have to really go through life wondering what if and thinking about all the possibilities that could have been if something different was said or done?

If we did live in a world where everything was planned and we had no say really to the things that we do, what kind of life would it really be?  Life is so full of the unknown that it’s hard to imagine life any other way.  It would be great and all – save many of us from having our hearts broken by those we will always love till the last day of our life. 

There is that someone in all our lives that we never quite get over, never quite stop loving….That person being the perfect one whom you were so certain was the right one for you, but because of some odd reasons is no longer a certain, but yet just another crumb that you, no matter how hard it is, have to brush to the side so you can try to live out and make sense of the rest of your life. 

We can’t think about those crumbs.  They bring painful memories back of great times and of a love that you never thought would fade away.  But it did, or maybe it didn’t but you just needed some time apart to just think things through.  We all have been there.  Wondering what is going to happen; what is going to be next.  We don’t know what is in our future, but we plan our future with the ones we love hoping that they will stick around and want to spend their life with you as well.  We all hope. We all dream, but where does that get us?  If things don’t end up like you anticipated at first, it’s going to seem that there is nothing really that is stable enough to hold onto.

We all need a sturdy life support so to say.  Someone or something that would get us through each day by being by our side and never leaving no matter how many arguments you have, how rocky the road may be, no matter the things that you say.  If that person truly loves you, they would stick with you through anything. 

The majority of people that enter our lives cannot be that for us.  After the first argument, or when things get a little bumpy in your life, they get scared and leave.  Why can’t those in our lives actually stick around through the rough times and be there for you through it especially if they tell you that they will always love you no matter what happens? 


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