AppSmile Review: LightBike for iPhone OS

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This is the Review of LightBike for iPhone OS.

LightBike was released for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform on January 29, 2009 by Pankaku.  These days, racing games tend to pop up in the App Store like toast on a Sunday morning. LightBike is one of them.

But LightBike has some pretty good gameplay that we think is worth checking out.

Interestingly, LightBike doesn’t have very good graphics, nor does it sport any memorable features. The user interface isn’t anything to write home about either. But for some reason, Light Bike keeps us coming back for more.

The game is relatively simple and will instantly remind you of a cross between Disney’s Tron movie and the common Snakes game built into most cell phones. The point of the game is to outsmart your opponents by trying to get them to crash into your path while you try to avoid theirs. If you hit their path or fall off the edge of the board, you lose.

Features AppSmile Likes:

  • Pretty addicting gameplay
  • Nostalgic theme
  • Simple controls (essentially no learning curve)
    Wi-Fi mode to challenge opponents on your home network (this always seems to be an after-thought of game developers – we’re happy to see it on the 1st release of Light Bike)
    2-Player mode using 1 iPhone (this is a rare but wonderful feature you don’t see on many iPhone games)

Features AppSmile Wants Improved:

  • The iPhone has the ability to show some great graphics, let’s see some with this game
  • Menus seem to be thrown together without much design
  • True online gameplay with opponents on other networks
  • The option to save your score
  • More levels (currently only 1)

Even though we at AppSmile have a nice size request list for the game, LightBike still delivers some cool playtime. You won’t be left wondering why you spent $0.99 on this app – and we mean that in a good way.


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