AppSmile Review: SlotZ Racer for iPhone OS

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This is the review of SlotZ Racer for iPhone OS.

Slotz Racer for the iPhone and iPod Touch was released into the iTunes App Store by Freeverse on January 16th. Is it just us here at AppSmile, or do a lot or the App Store games hearken back to the 1980’s? Whether it’s retro arcade style play or 80’s rock band tributes, developers seem to have their mind set on the days of Mr. T and slot car racing!

Of course, we’re referring to SlotZ Racer in this review. I remember going slot car racing with my Dad and brother when I was growing up. So you can understand that my interest was peaked when Freeverse released this title.

This game has a lot of detail. No so much in the graphics (the menu graphics are better than the game play graphics), but in the track customization. That’s right, you can customize your own slot tracks ala the old title Excite Bike. Freeverse took a fare amount of time to make sure the user can easily choose portions of the track and assemble them easily. You can even create the scenery around the track. Then Freeverse gives you the option of testing your track. You can even email your track to your friends.

SlotZ also offers a vast array of options for racing.

Quick Race starts a random race immediately choosing a car and track for you.

Single Player lets you choose a Single Race, enter a Championship, or Practice. Single Race gives you the options of track, car, Race type (Race, Time Limit, Endurance, Night Race), Laps, CPU Cars (how many opponents), and Sim (which adds fuel virtualization to the race).

Championship takes you into a racing circuit in which you have to compete to unlock cars and tracks.

In each of these race modes, you control your car with one button (touching anywhere on the screen). The skill comes with knowing when to release the botton to control your speed and avoid colliding with other cars or flying off the track.

The Multiplayer mode is just OK as it provides only a plan view or fixed isometric view of the track. This makes it pretty difficult to see the cars.

What AppSmile likes about Slotz Racer:
Ample Customization
Wide Variety of Tracks and Cars
Great Music
Nice User Interface and Menu Graphics
Easy Intuitive Controls

Here’s what we think could be better:
Racing Graphics
More track features like waterfalls, jumps, upside-down loops.
The room environments could be improved.

Although it sounds rather simple, Slotz Racer actually is quite fun and we think it will keep you entertained for short intervals (say, while standing in line at the Apple Store).


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