Review: White Noise for iPhone OS

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This is the review of White Noise for iPhone OS

White Noise was released by TMSoft on September 7th, 2008 and has received quite a few updates since then.

If you’re like us here at AppSmile you love seeing that little “Updates Available” notification show up on your App Store icon. We have seen that a lot with White Noise.

Basically the App is a relaxation tool. It provides 41 sounds that will lull you to sleep or get you through a bad day.

The main screen displays your 8 top (or favorite) sounds, Volume (separate from the iPhone volume), and Timer. You can also access the Sounds menu and the Controls menu.

The Sounds menu displays all of the sounds that are available (and it seems that TMSoft updates this quite regularly). Here you can rearrange the sounds to edit which ones will display on your main screen.

The Controls menu gives you the option to change the Volume, Balance (left and right speakers), and Pitch (of the sound). You also can change the Timer Settings like fading the sound out or alarming you when the timers is up.

The Sounds are very realistic and provide a professional experience – as if you bought a stand alone sound maker at Bed Bath and Beyond.

White Noise has a simple interface and a fair amount of customization that we like here at


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