Resident Evil

Resident Evil 5, such as arcade games. By dividing the plots into several chapters and also features arcade games checkpoint atmosphere was much thicker on Resident Evil 5. Of course, since divided into several chapters, now you no longer find any ink ribbons to save the game. Game will be saved automatically every time you finish chapter or when reaching a certain checkpoint. This makes the action in Resident Evil 5 is cool, but on the other hand, this would make the story seem less attention. It also makes the game becomes much easier, kaena with the feature jump into one chapter. You can collect items and money as much as possible before continuing the journey. In fact you can collect all the items in the initial stage (useful in the check point or stage which provides a lot of items in the first place, like at the beginning of chapter 2), then exit the game (do not forget to save the guns and money held) and then comes back at The same chapter to collect the items again.

For you guys ever tried RE4 would not be experiencing difficulties when playing RE5 because the game play that is used is the same. so your job is to direct the infrared sensor on the gun to shoot your opponent before the shooting, which allows gamers to direct the target on a particular limb. Even you can also shoot various objects that will help in defeating the enemy, such as a drum that could explode! This system is more suitable for use diangggap because RE this time will present a more intense action and the number of enemies that much more. In addition, we also will return to see a variety of QTE (Quick Time Event) when Chris faced the opponent so the fight will feel more tense. Moreover, all enemies are presented in RE 5 has a high AI so that they become more resilient and more difficult to beat.

There are new features added to the gameplay that RE5 co-op play, where gamers can play this game with your friends! Later you will be required to work together in completing each stage well. This feature will also remain present when playing alone, where we will cooperate with the AI that controls Sheva Alomar in various situations. Because there are many areas in RE5 that can not be passed, or the enemy can not be defeated if it is done alone. so during the game, cooperation becomes the most important element to be able to finish this game, either when playing single-player or play with friends.

One thing that became main attraction Resident Evil 5 Co-op is its feature. Features Co-op in Resident Evil 5 is not a game that can be played the same two people, but rather two different games played by two different people. Not the game is different in the sense that the title is not the same, but different in terms of game save data from each person who played it. So for example you’ve never played up to chapter 5, when you join with other players who just reached chapter 1, then all the items that you have not been reset again. This means that you play with your own character who has reached level 5. Likewise if you both play from chapter 1 to chapter 3.
When trying to play by yourself then there will continue from chapter 3, complete with the latest equipment you have. One thing that makes this system a little annoying is that you can not switch weapons. That was intentional by Capcom.
The only drawback complain about Resident Evil 5 might be Al from Sheva. Instead of Al from Sheva is stupid, but he was too extravagant in removing the bullet. Worse, you can not give orders to save bullets, or only use certain weapons.

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