climate change

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Weather trends over years affect life on earth. It makes some plants extinct or allows for plants to live in climates quite different from their original one. Most plants and animals learn to survive and adapt to the extreme long-term climate shifts.

In the past, there is lots of evidence of drastic changes in the climate. Today, earth is going through another climate change. During the last 100 years, global temperatures have increased. But what kind of effect will climate change or global warming have on the earth? Climate change forces plants and animals into new habitats while others become extinct. This so called redistribution of life is happening at an alarming rate. These changes are warning signs that something is happening. The world is changing more rapidly than it had in the past.

What is causing this increase in temperatures and climate change? People often use the term global warming to describe these changes. It is caused by human activity. Burning coal, oil and other fossil fuels are largely to blame. Fossil fuels let off a heat trapping gas like carbon dioxide and the more these accumulate, the hotter things get on earth.

We can help stop the advancing of climate change by the choices we make every day. We can walk or ride bike instead of driving a car for example. We also need to support clean energy sources, but not energy made by fossil fuels. By reducing the levels of carbon dioxide and other gases in the air, we can slow the warming trend known as global warming.


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