What are the benefits of wearing secondhand clothes?

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With the current recession cursing the nation, more than one United States, family will encounter problems making ends meet over the next few months—but that doesn’t mean that you, the average American, have to forsake fashion. You can still build a signature wardrobe that features stylish and flattering pieces. One of the most inexpensive ways to do this is to buy secondhand clothes or swap pieces with friends and acquaintances.

But if you’re afraid of any stigma attached to wearing secondhand clothes, keep in mind that there is more than one benefit. Here are other reasons why you should hit your neighborhood thrift shop as soon as possible:

*Introduces you to various different styles, especially retro looks, that you can’t find at regular department stores. From Victorian to punk, thrift shops often offer authentic vintage pieces that hard to find anywhere else besides online and in expensive consignment shops.

*It’s environmentally friendly; new clothes are usually manufactured en masse in factories that pollute their natural surroundings. They harm the atmosphere and downgrade air quality in addition to spoiling local rivers and streams.

*It’s humanitarian because it reduces child and slave labor in big commercial factories that produce new clothes. In order to cut costs, larger companies sometimes resort to hiring children who are not emotionally or legally old enough to hold a job and then pay them very little for their labor. Help prevent future worker exploitation by buying your clothes secondhand instead.

*It’s charitable; many thrift shops are run by non-profit organizations, such as churches and hospitals. When you buy from them, you’re helping their institutions yet getting something tangible in return: a new addition to your closet!

*It’s fun! Throw a clothes swapping party with your friends! Everybody should bring one item from their closet that they’ve outgrown or don’t like/wear for whatever reason!

Good luck filling a closet with items that are new to you! For tips on rocking a thrift shop chic style, check out:



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