10 Unique Natural Springs in the Philippines

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Natural wonders of the Philippines worth visiting.

1. Salinas Salt Springs: Nueva Vizcaya

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The province of Nueva Vizcaya never touches the ocean but actually deep under, the pressure of the

Pacific Ocean pumps out salt through the Salinas Salt Spring, one of the wonders of nature. Located

near the boundary of Benguet with Nueva Vizcaya, the Salinas Salt Springs were a source of amazement

for the Americans when they arrived at the turn of the century. It was also the source of the salt needs of

our forefathers from far and wide.

2. Tangub Hot Spring: Camiguin


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It is a volcanic hot spring not fully developed a little beneath sea level where a pool is formed by sea

stones and corals. Water temperature shifts from cold to lukewarm to warm then to hot as tide changes.

Submerge in the warm water inside the pool at low tide and enjoy the cold sea water merging with the

hot spring. This rare spring is situated at Naasag, Mambajao – about 12 kilometers west of the capital

town; 10-20 meters offshore is ideal for scuba diving.

3. Malumpati Cold Springs: Antique


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Malumpati Cold Spring is one of the nice places in Pandan. Tourists would frequent this place especially

if it’s hot just for a nice swim in its natural pool of cold spring water.

4. Hidden Valley Spring: Laguna


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An ecological tour to a unique place called Hidden Valley. It’s well preserved and protected vegetation

flourishes in a 300 feet deep crater covering an area of 110 hectares, believed to have been formed by

volcanic upheaval thousands of years ago. A private resort that boast of a virgin forest, century old trees,

giant ferns, wild orchids, a hidden waterfall, and several natural spring pools consummates the

exhilarating ambiance.

5. Timoga Cold Spring: Iligan City

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Timoga Cold Spring is known for its pristine, cool and crystal clear waters freely flowing downstream

towards several swimming pools. This is another good destination when you stop by in Iligan City.

6. Ardent Hot Spring: Camiguin


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In the heart of the island bubbles this mineral pool with water around 40ºC. Vapor rises from the heated

waters that run down the vents of the dormant Hibok-Hibok volcano. The springs are ideal to bathe in at

night surrounded by cool mountain air. It has therapeutic effects. Picnic huts and tables are available in

the beautifully landscaped gardens and there is a restaurant on site. It is 6 kilometers southwest of Mambajao.

7. Tukuhan Sulphur Hot Springs: Ifugao

Tukuhan Sulphur Hot Springs (Tinoc) – A sulfuric hot spring at Barangay Tukuhan in the Municipality of Tinoc.

This can be reached by a two-hour hike from Monsoyosoy, Buguias, Benguet.

8. Sto. Niño Cold Spring: Camiguin


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A spring located 4 kilometers north uphill of Catarman proper. It has a terrific huge pool of cold spring

water measuring 25m x 40m sprouting from sandy bottom. The area has native stores, picnic huts and

toilets for visitors and guests. It is located 4 kilometers north of central Catarman.

9. Asin Hot Springs: Benguet


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Baguio City has the coolest temperature in the country. Asin Hot Spring is a place where you can escape

the cold weather of the city and enjoy the water of hot spring.

10. Tiwi Hot Springs: Albay


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A highly active thermal area, Tiwi has long been a popular place to “take the medicinal waters” and b

athhouses abound. The waters are hottest in Naglagbong Lake, a boiling sulfur pool.

When you visit the Philippines, don’t forget to take a plunge to these beautiful springs.

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10 Unique Natural Springs in the Philippines


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