How I Learned To Be A Success

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I have written before about love being a verb, not just a noun. (Read here.) One who really loves will put feet to his/her feeling. (Actions really do speak louder than words!)

It is the same with faith. James 2:26 says, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” We must put feet to our faith!

Faith was never meant to be primarily a noun. It is a verb that denotes action. Faith is about conviction, while hope is about confidence. A life of faith is a life of expectation. It is not so much about what you expect out of life, but what you put into it because you’re serving Christ.

Faith grounds us in the certainty of God’s faithfulness. Hope pulls us into the mystery of God’s future in such a way that, no matter how bad things get, when we are pursuing the life God created us to live (and the future He calls us to create), we are confident that nothing and no one can stop us!

The former is about feeling entitled; the later about living fully engaged. If nothing can stop God, then who can stop you when you are pursuing Him and living for His purpose?

There are some who will stand out as extraordinary examples of the power of God to prevail in any crisis. Those lives will be unexplainable. Those people will conquer kingdoms and administer justice. Those will actually live out promises from God that give us all hope.

Those with the proper balance of faith and hope will shut the mouths of lions and survive moments where they should have been dead, but they are not! Their stories will declare that God took their weakness and turned it into strength.

Miracles will mark their lives that others will find unbelievable, because they expected God to do great things.

So, I ask myself: Am I adding expectancy to my faith? Am I hopeful for what God will accomplish in my life? Does my life exemplify the formula for success: faith+hope+expectancy=authentic Christian?

A lot to think about today.

(c) 2009 April Lorier


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