Don Knotts: Gone But Not Forgotten

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If you have read my article, Remembering America’s Favorite Deputy – Don Knotts, you know that Don Knotts passed away on Friday, February 24, 2006 of complications from lung cancer. Born on July 21, 1924 in Morgantown, WV, Jesse Don Knotts was successful comedian who made millions of viewers laugh as Sheriff Andy Taylor’s overly-excitable deputy, Barney Fife. Whether performing on the Steve Allen Show, The Andy Griffith Show, Three’s Company, Matlock, or one of his many movies, Don Knotts brought the priceless gift of laughter into many homes. Don Knotts continued to be a successful entertainer right up until his death, doing voices for animated films and other acting. He came to several reunion shows for fans of “The Andy Griffith Show” where he brought down the house, just a few years before his passing. There he mingled with his fans, who stood in long, long lines, waiting for his autograph, just like any top celebrity.

I wrote a couple of poems right after Don Knotts passed away, and in his memory, I would like to share them here in memory of the anniversary of his death. Don Knotts: Gone But Not Forgotten:

The Nervous Deputy

The nervous deputy appeared,
And history was made.
Now he has left this earthly sod,
Leaving our hearts dismayed.
But new horizons will embrace
Mayberry’s favorite son;
Our dear Don Knotts may now be gone,
But Barney will live on.

Don Knotts Acrostic

D early loved and
O ne of a kind.
N ever to be forgotten.

K night in khaki armor,
N ipping crime in the bud,
O r ascot-wearing swinger –
T he consummate comic.
T hanks for the memories;
S o long, old friend.


Remembering America’s Favorite Deputy – Don Knotts

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