Save Money by Shopping with Coupons

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You can save a significant amount of money shopping with coupons if you know what you are doing. The problem is that many people don’t take the time to look for coupons, and when they do they forget them when they go to the store. I have had a coupon for 75 cents off on my favorite toilet cleaner for months and keep forgetting to take the coupon. I taped it to the grocery list and sent my daughter shopping. I asked her if she used the coupon, she said, “No. It wasn’t that much mother.” Well I believe in saving all I can, and 75 cents off the original price would have made a difference to my pocket book. Oh well, it happens. We all forget.

Here is what you do when you want to save money using coupons:

Collect the coupons for the items that you use. The best way to do this is to make out a list of what you will need to shop for when you go shopping next. Think of all your food and non-food items that you will need, and start looking for coupons. There are several places online from which you can get coupons. If you get the Sunday paper, it will most likely have coupons inserted.

Ask your family and friends to save coupons for you. One of my friends does not save coupons for her own use, but she does save them for me. Each time I see her I get an envelope stuffed with coupons.

Do your shopping at stores that give you double your coupon value. I shop at such a store when I have coupons. There are times that I get products free or nearly free when I use the coupons, because the store gives me double off on the product. What is even greater, when the item is already on sale, and then you get double off on the coupon you often do get your item for free. I got toothpaste free the last time I used coupons.

It takes some planning, but you can save yourself a significant amount of money by using coupons. The only time I won’t use the coupons is when I can get the store brand cheaper than I can get the name brand with the coupons. I am all about saving money where I can, so I won’t use a coupon when I can save by going to the store brand instead.

If you want to save money shopping with coupons, you need to be organized about it, or it can be very confusing when you get up to the check out lane. Have all your coupons separated into envelopes. Have one envelope for dairy, one for canned veggies, one for canned  fruits, one for frozen veggies, and so forth. Let the cashier know in advance that you have coupons, so that he/she can keep up with the items for which you have coupons.

The last time I used coupons for my monthly grocery shopping my bill came to $307, and with my savings from coupons I spent less than $260. You can save also if you take the time to organize, and not forget the coupons when you go shopping. When shopping with coupons it is best to go to a store that honors double coupons.

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