NEW! How to increase the distance traveled by the same amount of gasoline.

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1. Check the pressure wheels. If it is too low them baggy prsiunea recommended.
2. Check the air filter. If it is old or dirty replace it.
3. Use air conditioning less.
4. Drive calmly. Avoid accelerating and braking is not necessary.
5. Choose the most efficient route if driving through town.
6. Adjust the engine if these steps will improve consumption.
7. Ask a mechanic to check the spark plugs. After the appropriate regulatory or replace them.
8. Ask a mechanic to check if injectoarele are defective. Replace them if necessary.
9. Replace files of the spark plugs.

* 4WD cars are high fuel consumption, mainly due to large dimensions.
* If you can not improve fuel consumption, find ways to use less car. When possible, go on foot or by bicycle.
* Depending on the model of your car running with the windows down can create greater friction and thus it is inefficient to go with the windows left than use air conditioning.

NOTICE:       If fuel consumption increases suddenly go to a mechanic. Your car can have serious problems.


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