Marketing your Landscape Business for Success

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The landscaping Industry has had a difficult time thriving, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to market your company, and get the word out that you are the IT company for the comeback season!

 Most people who are starting off, or trying to comeback from a failed attempt at their first business plan, think that it will cost thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising to get their landscaping company thriving. In fact, it can take very little funds, if you have the right amount of resources, and the right amount of will power. First, make sure that the name of the company is catchy, and easy to remember. For my examples I will use Wise Landscaping and Lighting. With your catchy name, you will want a slogan or tagline, I have chosen the tagline “Choose Wise, Choose Paradise!” simple, catchy, and gets the point across that your yard is going to be a paradise all their own! With this step, comes a logo! Make it flow with everything else. For my example, I have chosen a palm tree (paradise). Another great logo to go with the company name would have been an owl, however, an owl would have been ridiculous with the slogan “Choose Wise, Choose Paradise!”

 Now you look professional and are ready to market yourself! There are many different companies that are willing to print up business cards for free for you! Vista Print, 123 print are two to name a few. You need only pay for shipping. Now then, you may also purchase postcards to match and this is only about $6.00 or $7.00. This will cover your first mail out.

 If you choose not to purchase, you may design your own with Microsoft Publisher. It is extremely easy, and takes only moments. You can also do postcards, letterhead, and whatever else you would like to do. 

Next, choose to market yourself on linkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online networking outlets. Also, utilize the advertising specials that come in the mail, for mailers, and hand outs. Hire someone to go door to door in a couple neighborhoods for a weekend. A high school student will be willing to do this for an extremely reasonable amount. 

The last but most important step, talk to some of the home builders in your area. Be persistent. Persistence pays off. Request to have full control of that builder’ s neighborhoods. Hopefully before you know it, you will be so busy, you will be living in a paradise all your own!


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