Venice-“Land woven by Air, Water, Earth and Sky”

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“Land woven by Air, Water, Earth and Sky” so called the famous German poet Goethe the beautiful city of Venice which is one of the most colorful cities in Europe. Venice has been and still it is a phenomenon with its beauty, rich cultural heritage and romantic feelings that the “Queen of the Adriatic” inspires in its visitors.

In winter the city with its carnival attracts so many visitors from all over the world. In spring with its flooding Venice is like a fairy tale. In summer when lots of tourists come for a visit of this wonderful city Venice is like a crowded Babylon where all the nations of the world have their meeting place. In autumn when the tourist crowd is not here the Venetian people start their holidays and festivities.

This is Venice-the city of the Lagoon, the romantic place for young and old, the interesting spot with its old bridges-Rialto, the Bridge of Sights; the palaces-of the Doge, Dandolo, Redzonico, Pezarro, Ka`d`Oro; the cathedral of St. Marko, the pigeons (these symbols of freedom) on San Marko square; the city of masked balls with white masks and black mantles, the city of the old heroes Harlekino, Pierro, Pantalone, Colombina; rich architectural styles-Gothic, Baroque, Byzantine style, splendid mosaics, old gondolas and gondoliers with their beautiful songs…


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