How to make a asprin facial mask-get rid of acne and have clear skin!

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The aspirin mask is a homemade BHA mask available to each and everyone of us, totally inexpensive and highly efficient, made of salicylic acid or tablets of aspirin. BHA is known to help tremendously with cleaning pores from deep inside and therefore contribute to keeping our skin blemish-free. BHAs are efficient on existing blemishes as well, by helping them heal faster and keeping pores clean afterwards.

Indications: all skin types, especially normal to oily and combination skin, acne-prone and clogged skin.


  • 10-15 Aspirin tablets (uncoated preferably because it dissolves way faster!)
  • 2 – 3 drops of hot water
  • Honey or if your allergic to honey, Aloe Vera (There are practically unlimited versions of this mask. You can add yogurt for an astringent effect, aloe vera, honey. You can also make the mask using a basic moisturizer mixed with salicylic acid instead of water, as it will be less harsh on the skin and will be more easy to use.)
  • One small container to mix in


Combine the hot water and aspirin until the tablets dissolve into a crumbled paste.

Mix the paste with honey or aloe vera. Apply in circular motions to exfoliate to clean face.

Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse. Your skin will feel amazingly soft and any noticeable blemishes will be on their way out in no time!

WARNING: Avoid this if you have aspirin allergies. Use only 1-2 times a week because like any other product, if you use it too much, your skin will become tolerant to it.


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