Coolest Homework Help Sites On The Web

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So many students end up underachieving and are unable to live up to their full potential not because they are not smart, but because they are unguided.

These are the best sites offering help to both adults and children with their academic papers and homework.

One of these sites was even created by the CIA!!

These sites are great resources for finding information and focus when it comes to academic papers or studying for classes.



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Funbrain – This site offers fun games that are learning oriented.  Among the features offered are math arcade, movies, web books and comics, a playground and many other interesting departments.  The site also has a handy little row of buttons to help kids find games that are appropriate for their grade level.  The graphics are great and very interesting and the site is easy to navigate.  There are also sections for parents and teachers.

Discovery Channel School


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Discovery Channel School – This is a wonderfully put together site created by the Discovery Channel people. It offers lots of great activities, resources and tools in an interesting way that is all Discovery Channel.  An on-site search engine makes finding information easy and lots of fun.  This one is more sophisticated and appeals to a wider age range.

Ask An Expert


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Ask An Expert – If you aren’t finding the answers you need in an encyclopedia or other books, you can ask an expert!  This site will allow you to submit questions to experts on just about every subject.  There are twelve categories to choose from and include Science/Technology, Recreation/Entertainment, Health and International/Cultural.  You will also get a list of related sites to your search topic as well as email addresses to send your questions to experts.


Screen Shot Created by Author – Unlike Wikipedia, this site is sourced by no less than forty nine encyclopedias including Encyclopedia Britannica, Oxford University Press and Columbia University Press.  It also has seventy three dictionaries and thesauruses with definitions, synonyms, word origins and abbreviations.  I use this site quite often myself when writing.

Smithsonian Institute


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Smithsonian Institute – Now you can visit the Smithsonian museums online.  There are listings of subject areas from A to Z with lots of subcategories that will surely provide lots of help for school projects or for the curious minded.  Just choose your subject and you will find pictures and information that are sure to jazz up any report.  You can even organize your report like one of the exhibits at the museum!

History Channel


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History Channel – This site is like having the best encyclopedia in the world!  You can type a historical topic into the search box and find a wide range of information.  It is also chocked full of great videos and History Channel exhibits that are sure to spice up a dull report.  This site is highly recommended because of its appeal and usability as well as its media rich content.

The Incredible Art Department


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The Incredible Art Department – This site is truly a treasure trove of resources, guidance and inspiration for aspiring artists of all ages.  You can get help on art history and ideas for art projects.  Click Archives and see all kinds of fun things to do with the great classics.  There are even sections that feature the latest art news, careers in art as well as resources for teachers and more!

The World Factbook


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The World Factbook – The information on this site is really coming from the horse’s mouth considering it is created and maintained by the United States Central Intelligence Agency!  Click Countries and scroll through the listing to find the country you would like to research.  You will not only get a map, but lots of other relevant information that includes natural resources, population, government, economy, currency, imports and exports, and tons more.  The only thing you really won’t find is history since it deals with current information that is so up to date that it can almost be considered “real time.”



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Exploratorium – This is the site for you if you are working on a science project or even just curious about science.  There is a section for students that features the Learning Studio, on-line exhibits, instructions for making classroom versions of Exploratorium exhibits and much more!  A teachers section features great resources and projects for instructors that can be used in the classroom to make learning more interesting.

NASA Human Spaceflight


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NASA Human Spaceflight – If you are trying to research space flight and exploration, the best place to go is where is all started – NASA!  This site is loaded with the latest news about today’s astronauts, the space shuttle, and the international space station.  One section provides updates for space station assembly and you can also research space history and even explore Mars!


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