How To Teach Your Puppy Good Chewing Habits Instead Of Destructive Chewing

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Puppies chew for a variety of reasons. A puppy will chew to alleviate teething pain, they chew to explore, or they chew because they are bored. You can teach your puppy good chewing habits instead of destructive chewing habits with a few simple tricks.

You puppy needs regular mental and physical exercise to prevent chewing out of boredom. Provide your puppy will daily exercise for both mind and body with a food containing chew toy. Your puppy will have to ‘work’ for her food by figuring out how to get the food out of the toy.

Simply throwing pieces of dry dog food for your puppy to run after and eat instead of putting the dry dog food in a bowl will provide both mental and physical exercise for your puppy.

If your puppy is teething you can help alleviate her teething pain by providing her with a bowl of ice to chew on or frozen wash cloths to chew on. Just wet and freeze some old wash cloths and give your puppy a frozen one to chew on, replacing it with a fresh frozen wash cloth after it defrosts.

Teach your puppy good chewing habits at home by confining her to your side with acceptable chewing objects. When you are at home, put your puppy on her leash and place the leash handle under your chair leg to confine the puppy near your side. Next, give your puppy an acceptable chew toy to enjoy while she is right by your side. Ignore her when she has a tantrums in protest to the leash by not making eye contact with her. Your puppy will learn chewing is only acceptable when she is by your side and only on certain objects.


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