RS Dragonhide Crafting Guide An Advanced Element of this Element of a Runescape Trade Skill

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Crafting can be used to dye capes and make pottery in Runescape, but if a character only uses this trade skill for these purposes, he is not taking full advantage of this unique option in Jagex’s popular free mmorpg. Jagex’s video game programmersx have implemented crafting as a catch all and one of the more interesting options available only to paid members of Runescape is dragonhide crafting.

Dragonhide crafting is best suited for high level crafters. The items that can be made with dragonhides can give a character an edge in player versus player and player versus environment combat.

Getting Materials for Dragonhide Crafting

Avid readers of fantasy literature, or players of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game know that if there is one thing dragons try to hold onto more than the treasure that they horde, it is the skin dragons use to protect their internal organs.

These large, flying reptiles that never existed in the real world prefer to use their hides to keep their insides in, rather than have their skin be used as part of adventurer equipment. The reluctance of dragons to part with their hides makes it a good idea for a Runescape character to learn the slayer skill to get materials for this element of the crafting trade skill.

There are four colors of dragon hides that can be used to create dragonhide armor. The chart below lists the colors of dragons a Runescape character can kill and their levels. It is always safer to buy these hides off another Runescape player who does not have the crafting tradeskill. The price a player sells a dragonhide for often reflects the danger he experienced when collecting this extremely valuable leather.

Dragons, Their Levels, and the Hides they Drop

  • Green Dreagons – Green Hides, Level 79
  • Blue Dragons – Blue Hides, Level 111
  • Red Dragons – Red Hides, Level 156
  • Black Dragons – Black Hides, Level 227

After a character has relieved the dragon of its hider, or bought it from another player. He must take it to tanner to have the item tanned. After the tanning process is completed, a Runescape character that has a dragonhide and the necessary thread and the required skill level, a player can make pieces of powerful pieces of armor using the crafting trade skill.

List of Dragonhide Armor Items

Sal’s Realm of Runescape, Global Runescape, and the Runescape Tips sites contain charts of the matrials required for dragonhide armor, the skill level needed, and the crafting experience earned. The information from all these sources has been condensed and recompiled here, although the original charts are easier to follow.

  • Green Vambraces – 1 hide, 52 skill level, 67 experience
  • Green Chaps — 2 hides, 60 skill level, 124 experience
  • Green Body – 3 hides, 63 skill level, 186 experience
  • Blue Vambraces – 1 Hide, 66 crafting level 70 experience.
  • Blue Chaps – 2 Hides, 68 Crafting Level, 140 experience
  • Blue Body – 3 Hides, 71 Crafting Level, 210 experience
  • Red Vambraces – 1 hide, 73 skill level, 78 experience
  • Red Chaps – 2 hides, 75 skill level, 156 experience
  • Red Body – 3 Hides, 77 skill level, 234 experience
  • Black Vambraces – 1 Hide, 79 Crafting level, 86 experience
  • Black Chaps – 2 Hides, 82 skill level, 172 experience
  • Black Body – 3 Hides, 84 skill level, 258 experience.

This information may not want to make a Runescape character go right out and slay the dragon just to make these items, but the dragonhide armor is some of the best player made armor available in Runescape and an extension of the leather working aspect of the crafting skill.


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