Everquest Mage Leveling Guide A Beginner Guide on Where to Go and What to Do to Get to 70

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An Everquest player who wants his character to be as self-reliant as possible should consider playing a mage class. Mages do not do as much damage as wizards, nor do they have the versatility of bards. The mage’s pet and powerful direct damage spells make him a potent force for both solo and group play.

With access to summons spells that can summon armor, containers, backpacks, food, bandages and the pet, the key class ability, the Everquest mage does not have to waste money or time by running to vendors for food, although he may need to replenish spell reagents from time to time to summon his pets. Mage Leveling is not as difficult as it is for the wizard or the enchanter, but that does not mean that that it is the easiest class to get to raiding level in Everquest. A player that knows what he is doing can ease the process.

Mage Leveling By Soloing

Although the mage’s pet can serve as the tank of its group in emergencies or in unusual group configurations, this is not recommended at the higher Everquest levels. The major disadvantage of the pets is that they are a non-player character under the control of the mage, rather than being a human player that can more quickly adapt to changing situations. A mage, perhaps more than any other caster in Everquest must understand how aggro control applies to spell casters and melee characters. (Warriors, Paladins, and Shadow Knights do not like mage pets taking over their group role.)

Suggested Places to Go for Mage Leveling

Because the content of Everquest frequently changes, lists of where to level soon become out of date. The list taken below compiled from EQ Summoners and the Magician Towers mentions as many zones as possible to give the player a variety of places suitable for mage leveling. Levels 0-20 are often done near the character’s starting city, but all adventurers who reach high levels travel to exotic parts of Norrath, the moons of Luclin, and the planes inhabited by the gods.

A list of zones mages can visit during the leveling up process is found below. The information presented may change. New expansions come out and old expansions are revamped frequently.

  • 10-20: Oasis of Marr, Paludal Caverns, West Karana, Kerra
  • 21-30: Lake of Ill Omen, Warsong Woods, South Karana, Dawnshroud Peaks
  • 31-40: Overthere, Eastern Wastes, Great Divide, Mistmoore, selected areas of Lesser Faydark
  • 41-45: Dreadlands, Great Divide Kodiak Caves
  • 46-52: Karnor’s Castle, Velketor’s Labyrinth, The Grey, Cobalt Scar
  • 53-60: The Burning Wood’s, Karnor’s Casle, Chardok.
  • 61-65: Plane of Nightmare, Plane of Disease, Bastion of Thunder
  • 65-70: Post Planes of Power Content

The Rewards of Leveling an Everquest Mage

Mages can contribute to a group well and abilities such as mod rod and call of the hero make them valuable tools on raid, but they are not a high damage class and are geared more towards soloing. The built-in tank should make them the best at this in theory, but limited heals and the armor class of the cause an Everquest magician’s solo power to decline as he increases in level. This may not hinder the mage if he knows the places he can aggro kite with his pet when he cannot find a group.


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