Planning a Fun Movie Marathon

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What could be better than a movie marathon on a friday or saturday night?
Whether you’re with friends, the family, or a significant other, movie marathons are a fun way to spend a night.
With these helpful tips you will be able to plan the perfect movie night.


Some of the most creative and fun movie nights have themes. To figure out a theme you could have something as broad as genre: Christmas, romance, action, musicals, comedies, etc.
You could also base it around a certain actor: Clark Gable, Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, Kate Winslet, etc.
Other ideas include: countries, directors, holidays, academy award winners, or even trilogies or movies with multiple sequels…like Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribean, or Harry Potter.

Step2Choose the Movies:

After you have a theme figured out its really all down hill from there.
If everyone who will be there just cannot agree on the nights line up, have it so that each person can pick one movie.
On the other hand if you have several people coming and not the time to watch that many films, have a top 5 or so films, and take a vote.
Remember that sometimes compromise is the best option.


Whats better than a good movie? A good movie and good food!

Now you can always go with take out but why not try and pick food that will go along with the theme, or any particular movie that you are watching?
For instance if you are watching, say Pirates of the Carribean, have a sea food line up.
Tomorrow Never Dies (James Bond ;])? Chinese food!
You get the idea. Get creative!

Another smart idea, whether or not you’re keeping your food to your theme, is to do a pot luck. In this situation everyone who is invited brings one or two dishes to share with the group. That way everyone pitches in and it is much less expensive for the host.


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