Gear up on Gears of War 2 Online Multiplayer

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Gears of war 2 has come a long way from the first gears as far as online gaming goes.  Here is a list of the great and not so great things Gears of War 2 online has to offer.

Whats great about Gears of War 2

1.  Horde. This one is an addiction. You get to fight the Locust in 50 waves, each 10 waves they get stonger. With up to 5 people as team mates. A few tips, when you get to wave 10 things start to heat up. Have your team grab a boom sheild and set it up as a barrier some where so the Lucust can not get in. Stick together. When your teammate goes down then you will be there to revive him.

2.  New weapons, along with the old.  Have fun testing out new grenades, guns, and some other funnew weapons.

3. The ability to plant your grenades and let others walk into them and die, there is an achivement for this too.

4.  When you go down, but not out, you can move to your teammates to get revived.

5. Chainsaw Duels, Need I say more, Also an achivement.

6.  If you buy the limeted ed. you get a gold lancer. I have had many comments on it.

7. You can play on the old maps again. ( You have to download the flashback map pack first )

8. More choices to choose from. Gears of war 2 now offers many different online games. As I mentioned Horde, Wingman  ( You are on a team of 2 against 4 other teams out to take out the other teams), Submission ( I havn’t played this one yet, but I hear it is some what like capture the flag ),  King of the Hill ( Find a certain point on the map and keep control of it, One player must be inside).

9.  This time you do not have to be playing ranked matches in order to recive your acheivments. You can get them from actual game play or any of the online games too.


1. Good Team mates are hard to find.

2. Finding a team that works as a team is few and far between

3.  You either end up getting a team that talks alot, doesn’t seem to happen to often. Otherwise you play in scilence and end up talking to yourself.

4. I do not like the set up system now, I liked it before on Gears 1 when you could choose which team you wanted to be on. Now that is done for you. Some people prefur  it this way.

5. The shottie works further away now but just seem to do the damage it once did.

All in all I think that Gears of War is a great online game, In fact most nights that is where I can be found.


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