How to get paid to order Verizon Freedom Bundle

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The first step is to order Verizon. This is where is pays to switch from one provider to another. The Phone+Internet+TV package deal starts at $74.99 if you order online- this has a $5 per month savings added in if you complete your order online (otherwise it’ll be $79.99). This equals a $60 annual savings just for ordering online! Plus get $150 cash back just for ordering! The best thing is you get the price guaranteed for two years but only have to do a one year agreement!

computer_Thumb.jpg If you already have some Verizon services, order another service online. You get $75 cash back on all plans- $50 cash back plus $25 when you order online. If you just want to add Internet, high speed internet starts at $19.99 and again you get paid just for ordering online!
tv_Thumb.jpg Finally if you don’t care about the phone service but want FIOS, go to, you can go for the FIOS Double Play- FIOS Internet for $44.99 and FIOS TV for 47.99 a month- you get first month free on Internet and TV with free activation.  It can’t be simpler!


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