WordPress and JavaScript Are Happily Married

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Let’s kick it up a notch and celebrate!  WordPress and JavaScript are happily married!  I could not tell you how many blogging and press release platforms I have attempted to use in correlation with JavaScript and would fail every time.  Most of these platforms would only accept a variety of HTML and XHTML.  This, of course, limits the development codes that are allowed to be implemented in building a killer blog or press release. The necessity for web security has become so prevalent in our age of the internet, JavaScript almost faced its funeral. 

With the controversy of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, it is no wonder most would fear navigating the internet.  We would almost expect every offline document and photo to be splattered all over the web, without our consent, due to IE’s negligence to correct these issues.  In most of these cases, JavaScript would be to blame for its pop-ups; most of which would include a proxy script that would allow viruses, spyware, and malware to track everything on your IP address.  With this being said, I wanted to briefly explain that not all JavaScript is “Black Hatted”.  There are scripts you can use for anti-right click and other procedures to protect your site content from Copywrite infringement with regard to the Intellectual Property Act.  Every cloud has its silver lining.

Of all the blogs and social media platforms that inherently don’t accept JavaScript, I am amazed that WordPress is taking things to a more advanced level.  The simple idea of learning how this script works is just the beginning.  The implementation is what is going to “dress your blog up”.  People are starting to see the advantage of blogging and posting press releases; as blogging platforms are beginning to create and accept monetized applications and widgets.  In our Era of “if it’s free, it’s for me”, the advantages of blogging have become almost limitless.  Needless to say, blogging has become the 101 arena for the aspiring Developer.

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