Bleach party – how to have one…and what it is!

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Bleach. It is the most fantastic invention since …. well … the wheel. There are so many potentially disgusting and gross things around the house that need to be cleaned and disinfected. Why not have a bleach party and disinfect a majority of them at one time. What is a bleach party you ask? Well, the only reason I call it a bleach party is because it adds a little bit of fun to an otherwise daunting task.

First, put the drain stop in your kitchen sink. Turn the water on as hot as it will go and then pour two cups bleach in the water. This is what is considered a “bleach party.” You take all the things that gross you out. Toothbrush holder, sink plug, tub plug, sink strainers, food scissors, car keys, tweezers, stove burners, EVERYTHING. You aren’t bleaching these items to turn them white like you would with clothes … you are just killing the germs. It is pretty fabulous because as you are doing this you are disinfecting the sink at the same time … and then the drain. Does it sound like I am bleach crazy? Well I am. I know there is a trend of non-abrasive cleaners and all that … but bleach really gives you that clean feeling and you know that you have successfully disinfected your things.
Make sure you rinse these items THOROUGHLY with hot water when you are done.


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