Skin – how to moisturize skin by using plastic gloves

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1Everyone knows that it is important to moisturize your skin. It is what keeps your skin looking youthful and radiant. You can do your nails as beautifully as you’d like … but with dry cracked hands what is the point? I personally never used to use lotion as much as I should have because I hated how it got all over my face, in my hair, on my laptop, and my clothes. There is a way to avoid this altogether though!

Take one pair of plastic gloves. Cut the fingers off of the gloves so the first 2-3 inches of your fingers will poke out the top. Then, put the gloves on. Use a sponge brush (craft store) or even a spoon so scoop a little bit of the lotion, salve, or balm that you’re using underneath the glove on the back side of your hand. Then spread it around inside of the glove. Repeat this step with your second hand. This will keep the lotion inside of the glove and slightly warm up your hand and the lotion to let it absorb better.
You can sleep with them on this way … but if you’d rather just leave it on for half an hour to an hour that is fine also. When you are done, peel the gloves out … throw them in the garbage and wash your hands thoroughly with a moisturizing soap and then dry them. They will be in much better shape than when you started!


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