Protect long hair and short hair from damage even though you wash it daily!

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1So its a fact that washing your hair daily is a bad idea. I guess. It puts extra stress on your hair and all that. Blah blah blah. Personally I can’t stand the feeling of second day hair on my face. Especially since you’re redoing your makeup on the second day and the uneven clean face: dirty hair ratio is gross. Its not so much the back of your hair … that looks pretty great on the second day. The front is what gets weird and stringy and gross from your hands touching it and your makeup touching it. There are a couple things you can do for this.

If you want to wash your hair daily or perhaps two times daily if you’re going out at night then its important to condition, condition, condition! When you shower wash your hair first … then put the conditioner in and clip it up. Take the rest of your shower, shave your legs, exfoliate, and then lastly wash out the conditioner. Pick your hair when you get out and then put it back up in the towel to absorb excess water. Then do your makeup, pick out your clothes. ..THEN take it out of the towel. Clip up (loosely) your bangs and let your hair air dry as time permits. Obviously you can’t do this every time. Then when your hair is only a little damp blow it dry and style it. Sometimes its a good idea to let your hair air dry with just a little root lifter and gel in it to give yourself beach hair.
Its just important to know that its ok to wash your hair daily as long as you condition it, brush it gently, and cut down on heat styling as much as possible. I’ve been washing my hair once or twice daily for over 12 years and I have extremely healthy hair. So take my word for it.


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