Revolutionary Road – Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet

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I was a little skeptical about going in to see this movie, especially with a date as well, on the premesis that it was probably another boring love tale that Hollywood is so good at over-producing, and any hopes of something with this particular girl would be squashed before anything started. But from the beginning, Revolutionary Road grabs you by the collar and pulls you into the malestrom that a marriage is.

Married young and almost whimsically, Frank (Dicaprio) and April (Winslet) Wheeler first believe to be head-over heels in love, but discrepencies over April’s acting career make their relationship turn for the worse. frquent arguments, infedelities, and deciet in the workplace all compile as the family shakily decides to drop everything and move to Paris. Ridiculed by neighbors and co-workers as ‘immature’ and ‘childish’, it unfortunately doesn’t go as planned and the bickering, fighting, bitterness, and helplessness continue to get worse and worse – culminating in a damaging and sorrowful ending.

This movie brings to life all the little nuances of marriage that we all know are present but most movies are too timid to explore. From the red-faced, finger-pointing arguments to the radiant glow of aftermath, this movie includes the extreme lows and brilliant highs of a married life. In all I was pleaseantly surprised by Revolutionary Road, a valiant effort by Dicaprio and Winslet, who both did an amazing job of bringing the Wheelers to life ( the chemistry between these two is open, visible, and electric), making Revolutionary Road as solid and profound as anything in recent movie history. Revolutionary Road deserves a 4.7/5.


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