How To Help Your Addicted Loved One

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The first thing you have to realize is, someone addicted to drugs is not always a low life, criminal, or a bad person, this is a person that made a bad decision, and they need your help.

Secondly, get strong. Once you realize you have a member of your family or a friend that is an addict, take hold of yourself. Your strength wont only help you, it will help them. Find friends, get over the shame, and realize many people out there know how to help you, even if its just through mutual compassion and understanding. You need this reinforcement, you’re up for a huge battle and you have to be ready to call on support. An addict can manipulate, lie, steal and trick you in their attempts to gain money and other means of support from you. You need others input to help you. You also need to use some of the addicts own methods to help them. Its their life at stake, if you have to trick them, lie to them or whatever to get them the help they need DO IT.

Get educated. I went online and looked up every piece of information I could find not only on the drug, but the effects of the drug and what it does in the short and long term. Know what signs to look for. Some to keep an eye out for is lying, dilated pupils, blood shot eyes, sweating, snoring or unsettling sleep patterns, shortness of breath, irrational behavior, change in personality and temper.

Plan your day of confrontation ahead of time, round up your family and friends to help. Tell them you care and love them and know in your heart that they are a good person that made a bad decision. I found a inpatient facility and had my information with me. I did not ask my loved one to go, I told them to go. An addict will sleep in the gutter if they have to, so idle threats are of no use to them. You have to make them understand the extremes you are willing to go to. If it means calling their employer, or reporting them to the police do so. You are fighting for their life, and regret is a painful thing to live with if you do nothing and they die. Don’t cover for them. Don’t make life easy for them. Like I said before this is a fight for their life, be willing to do whatever you have to do. Use any means necessary to get them into treatment. If they are really bad off, get them help immediately. Do not waste time with outpatient services. They need inpatient round the clock care.

Get counseling for yourself. There are wonderful support groups out there for you, and your family.

Do know, that people do overcome addiction. My loved one has been clean and sober for over two years. Never give up, and never ever lose hope. Determination, and vigilance will overcome in the end.


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