Bukisa, How To Earn Quickly And Easily With Your Writing!

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If you enjoy writing or even if you don’t all you need is a bit of thought and knowledge on any topic and you can earn some spare money with Bukisa! “I’m new I won’t be able to make much”. Not true! Bukisa pays $3.65 currently per thousand views! You only need 3,000 views to get paid the next month! That is only a few good articles! The best part is it is residual you will keep earning from your article as long as it is published and the topic is still sought after!

How do you get started and who’s going to help you? Well I will help you of course! I am an experience web writter who has made quite good amounts of spare cash online! I am offering to help you by reading all your content and leaving feedback on how to improve your work! I am building a network or independant writers on every topic! If you think you could write a few good pages on Halo 3 or gardening, whatever your passion is then this is the place for you!

Why would a complete stranger help me? Well another great Bukisa feature is it allows you to have a downline where you get paid 25% of anyone you sponsor! The thing is, the person you sponsored still gets 100% of their earnings! If you join with me as your sponsor I have quicklinks to all your work and will read anything you post within the day! I guarantee you with my help you will get paid by Bukisa! To join me in the money making simply use this link or put 1488/Routledge as your sponsor! Join me and let’s start earning!


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